Work smarter,
not Harder !

Do you feel pressure to innovate?
Are you too familiar with endless meetings?

Is time important
for your business?

Do project lose momentum and drag along?
Dre team struggling to find alignment?

Time Factory is here to revolutionize how companies develop products and solve their challenges!

We run Design Sprints, mini sprints on Growth, Branding, and Productivity and validate your ideas with prototypes.

digital experts
productivity nerds
rapid prototyping builder
augmented reality investigator
business strategist
ux enthousiast
tech disruptors

We are digital experts, productivity nerds, rapid prototype builders, Augmented Reality investigators, business strategy agitators, user experience enthusiasts and tech disruptors and we are here to help you build better products, FASTER!

fasten ypur seatbelts

Fasten your seat belts!



Stop wasting TIME and MONEY when there is a better way!

what is a DESIGN SPRINT ?

Design Sprint is a process that compresses what could otherwise be months of work into just 4 days. Get buy-in and alignment from your team, define a common goal, generate solutions, get feedback from real and build momentum!

timeline design sprint

why trust this PROCESS ?

This process helps you build the right product faster. By making a working prototype and putting it in front of users, we get valuable insights right away: no more time or money wasted on developing the wrong products!

Users will love the products you made and you will love how you made them!

why run design sprints ?


Our prototypes are a tangible representation of our client’s end product, that looks and feels like the real product.

When we put high-resolution prototypes in front of real users to test, we get valuable feedback and data faster and are able to iterate easily. This allows us to implement the necessary changes before going into development and production, making sure we are building the RIGHT product.

quote apostrophe
If you know in advance that it is going to work,
it is not an experiment.
quote apostrophe
Jeff Bezos

what kind of prototypes CAN WE BUILD?

augmented reality
desktop applications and websites
virtual reality
spaces and immersive experience

Our team of digital experts can help you build the prototype you’ve been dreaming of: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Apps, Websites, Immersive Experiences... We have talented designers and developers that will quickly take your idea to the next level and make it tangible!

Our mini-sprints are 1 or 2 day long practical workshops.
No bullshit, real results.

Mini - sprint GROWTH

We use the principles from design sprints combined with growth hacking and our in-house business know-how to help companies increase their revenue, expand their reach and strengthen their offering. Raise your game with our proven methodology and action plan!

Mini - sprint BRANDING

Explore your brand values and the WHY behind your company. Create a stronger brand personality and attract the RIGHT users. Define your position in the market landscape. Are you ready to challenge the norm?

Mini - sprint PRODUCTIVITY

Tired of long meetings? Endless brainstorming sessions? Feel frustrated by old ways of doing business? Do you need to build momentum, work collaboratively, align teams, create innovation, increase accountability and quickly solve conflicts? We are Masters in Digital Media, Agile experts with ScrumMaster certificates, Design Sprint experts and productivity nerds that were frustrated by the old way of working. We found in these tools and methodologies a way to challenge the norm and improve productivity, and we’re excited to teach them to you.

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